Európai Néppárt

Szájer József is részt vesz az Európai Néppárt 11. nyári egyetemén Berlinben

Szájer József is részt vesz az Európai Néppárt 11. nyári egyetemén Berlinben

2012. 10. 02.

The EPP Group in the European Parliament will launch the 11th annual Summer University of its think-tank, the European Ideas Network (EIN), in Berlin, Germany, on 4-5 October 2012. The central theme of discussion will be the future competitiveness of European industry and its role in promoting growth and stability in Europe. The German Minister of Finance, Wolfgang Schäuble MP, will share his vision on this issue.

On 4 October, EPP Group Chairman Joseph Daul MEP will open the event together with Jaime Mayor Oreja MEP, Vice-Chairman of the EPP Group responsible for political strategy and the EIN, with Herbert Reul MEP, Head of the German (CDU) Delegation of the EPP Group.

As usual, the EIN Summer University will provide a forum for intense debate among stakeholders in European policy-making. On the first day, particular attention will be given to the debate on EU industry and its industrial competitiveness, ways of stopping de-industrialisation while fostering finance and innovation instead.

The second day of the meeting will concentrate on a range of other major topics, starting with a discussion on transatlantic relations and the agenda after the US elections, new ways of employment in the post crisis society and redefining true social dialogue to prevent populism and anarchy. It will be followed by a debate on the aftermath of the Arab Spring, focusing on preventing escalation and promoting democracy, as well as the debate on Europe's energy market and the option of Green Growth, and a discussion on the challenges of combining fiscal discipline and growth measures in the EU. Before the conclusion, external relations will be on the agenda – the deepening of the Eastern partnership, free trade and capacity building, the BRICs countries in the new world architecture, and an agenda for the transatlantic digital market.

A list of notable speakers includes Wilfried Martens, President of the European People's Party and former Prime Minister of Belgium, Antonio Tajani, European Commissioner for Industry and Entrepreneurship, Günther Oettinger, European Commissioner for Energy, Algirdas Šemeta, European Commissioner for Taxation and Customs Union, Audit and Anti-Fraud, Asunção Esteves, President of the Portuguese Parliament, numerous Members of the European Parliament, European Prime Ministers, Heinrich Hiesinger, CEO of ThyssenKrupp, delegates from associations and high representatives from corporations and enterprises.

The European Ideas Network is an open pan-European think-tank established in 2002 and sponsored by the EPP Group (Christian Democrats) in the European Parliament. The network brings together politicians, businessmen, academics, think-tanks, journalists, policy advisers and outside experts to discuss some of the major issues facing Europe today. It also coordinates the joint activities of over forty national think-tanks and political foundations across the EU.

Additional information on the EIN, including the final programme, can be found on the EIN website.

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